Welcome to the Fold is the first in a proposed 6-part series, The Last and the First.

The second volume in the series, Split Infinites, is currently under development, and will be released after my children’s book, The Saltwater Spirits and second adult novel, Un-synop-size-able. So, don’t expect it any time soon...

Similarly, the two follow-ups to Welcome to the Fold (tentatively titled Split Infinites and Further Along the Moebius Strip) will be released in episodes. Much like the idea of putting a webcomic online at a rate of a page per week, this approach allows me to get my words out on to the E ink page at a far more regular pace. The second book in the series is already under way, and has been planned from the day one with such a distribution model in mind.


You can read the first three chapters of Welcome to The Fold here.

I’ve included the preliminary portions of the book, which don’t quite look right on this web page, but help give you a reasonable gist as to the novel’s unique tone and cumbersomely handled themes. Feel free to copy/paste them into another file format if it’s easier for you to read.

Anyone willing to write a review of the book (positive or negative) can request a free review copy.

"Innovative and powerful"

Amazon UK review

"The premise of the story is incredible and the development of the story whilst a little slow is gripping. I am a massive fan of authors taking risks and this book has them in spades."

Amazon UK review

"The onslaught of metafictional tidbits, literary references and cod philosophy made me want to repeatedly punch myself in the abdomen until I vomited my spleen."

Sherman Kegg

"You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wish you'd read something else."

Starship Endeavor creator Hal Arnaz

"I didn't even know he could write."

The author's mum

Disclaimer: only two of these quotes are genuine

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