ABOUT vegan(Vn)

For Leonard Quirt, veganism represented a life of black and white morality, free from cognitive dissonance and banal platitudes. It also offered a chance to woo a girl far removed from his world, and a discipline that skews into something altogether more sinister when she leaves his life for good.

When Leonard decides to take action on a series of online videos depicting animal abuse, his act of violence is but the first step in a descent into madness that will see him vilified, championed and immortalised. Leonard's mind is prime real estate for a cult, and as he becomes a volatile voice for the world's victims, will his ethics cost him his own humanity?

vegan(Vn) is a darkly funny psychological thriller for the social media generation, an animal rights activists' Fight Club that delves deep into the concept of monochrome thinking, a book that questions the boundaries of principles in an age of contradiction.

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