The Scribe

The Scribe is a webcomic that I’ve been planning/developing/procrastinating about for the past decade, the tale of the past, present and possible future of an unrequited love split across three separate universes.

It will hopefully commence on this site at the rate of a page a week/fortnight once my graphic novel anthology Behind the Waves: Five Stories About Depression is finished and released later this year, though one of those short tales will act as a standalone prologue to the series.

As someone who has read, collected and adored comics all my life, I’m often depressed by just how genre driven and creatively stifling the comic industry has become. So many major new series seem to be conceived with TV and movie spin-offs or action figure lines in mind before the first issue has even hit the stands. And the result is both a stagnant industry that rarely challenges its readers, and a complacent market that never seems to want for anything more. “The public gets what the public wants,” as Paul Weller so astutely put it.

The Scribe started as an attempt to write the sort of comic narrative that could stand its ground against the deepest, richest and most challenging prose novels. Will I succeed in that respect? Probably not. But I’ll continue to try.