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Regardless of how you got here, welcome to Bothersome Books, a small self-publishing imprint specialising in experimental or difficult to categorise fiction. Well… predominantly the works of Essex-based writer, artist and designer Carl Doherty.

My darkly comic fantasy Welcome to The Fold is out now, as is Emily Babb’s haunting dystopian novel These Unnatural Men. I am currenly busy working on my second novel, vegan(Vn), graphic novel anthology Behind the Waves: Five Short Stories About Depression and its conjoined webcomic, Tomorrow Will Be Worse. All three will hopefully be made available by the end of this year… though I say such things every damn year. Please follow me to find out!

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It Creeps In - pg11

It Creeps In: Animal Rights Comic Preview

July 21, 2019

A preview of my upcoming webcomic project, Tomorrow Will Be Worse, and animal rights comic, It Creeps In.

Sci-fi Horror Short ‘To See Beyond the Skyglass’ is Out Now and Free to Read

March 24, 2019

Sci-fi horror short story To See Beyond the Skyglass is out now, for 99p on Kindle, and free on Kobo.

Welcome to The Fold - Carl Doherty

You’re Just Too Physical

September 30, 2018

Physical editions of both Fold and Unnatural Men are now available via print-on-demand

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